About Me

Daniela Janette Jewelry - Fine Jewelry, Personalized Gifts, and Demi Fine Jewelry

I am Daniela Janette Bolton, the self-taught jewelry designer and the creative force behind Daniela Janette, where luxury and individuality are celebrated through each exquisite piece. My passion for jewelry traces back to a time before I even knew the word "jewelry."

It all began with a simple act—getting my ears pierced just months after I was born. (Any Latinas here that can relate?) As I grew up, I received a bracelet with my name scripted on it and even had a little initial "D" ring, a thoughtful gift from my abuela before I turned five.

These early tokens of adornment served as the universe's subtle messages, guiding me towards my purpose of creating timeless and modern heirlooms. My journey in jewelry making started at the age of 12, crafting bracelets and earrings for friends as birthday gifts. Although I explored the corporate world and tried to meet the expectations of a traditional job, I consistently discovered comfort in art, finding fulfillment through the act of creation. 

Drawing inspiration from my heritage, textures, mysticism, and the natural world, my designs are a reflection of my journey and experiences. They are curated for inspired, ambitious individuals who view jewelry as a form of self-expression.

My jewelry has even been featured during New York Fashion Week in 2023!

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with attention to detail, using only high-quality materials to ensure longevity. If you are passionate about craftsmanship and consider yourself a collector of jewelry that celebrates your unique individuality, then you have found your place here. Embrace the artistry and story behind each piece, and join me in celebrating the beauty of self-expression through jewelry that transcends time.
- DJ