I am Daniela Janette, the jewelry designer and the creative force behind this brand. Where luxury and individuality are celebrated through each exquisite piece. 

My passion for jewelry began before I even knew the word "jewelry." It started with a simple act of getting my ears pierced just months after I was born (any Latinas here that can relate?).

Then, as I grew up, I received a bracelet with my name scripted on it and even had a little initial "D" ring, where my abuela gifted me before I was five.

These little tokens of adornment have been the universe's message to lead me to my purpose of creating timeless and modern heirlooms.


I draw inspiration from my heritage, textures, mysticism, and the natural world. My designs are catered to inspired, ambitious individuals that see jewelry as self-expression.

Each piece is handcrafted with detail using only high-quality materials to ensure you enjoy your jewelry for years.

If you are passionate about craftsmanship and are a collector of jewelry to celebrate your individuality, then you are in the right place!

Are you ready to find your favorite Daniela Janette piece?

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