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"Jewelry is a very personal thing. It should tell a story about the person who's wearing it."

I'm a jewelry designer and the founder of Daniela Janette Jewelry.
I create jewelry that brings out your divine energy.
Everyone is special and has a unique purpose in this universe. I make this message through my designs for collectors like you to feel seen, heard, and adored.

I design for individuals like you, who:
✨ Are inspired and ambitious in their journey.
✨ Are divine beings, lovers of fine craftsmanship, and collectors of unique jewelry.
✨ See jewelry as a form of self-expression to highlight your style

WHat's my story

The universe sends little messages that lead us to our purpose throughout our lives.

For example, my interest in jewelry started about the day I was born. I got my ears pierced a few months after I was brought into this earth. When I turned one, I received a bracelet with my name scripted on it. And I even had a little initial "D" ring a family member gifted me before I was five, which has led me to create modern heirlooms for those who will treasure them for years to come.

I studied Fashion Merchandising in college and worked in high-end retail stores and creative fashion agencies before starting my brand. I launched my brand in 2017 and immersed myself by designing my jewelry pieces from my inspirations from textures, my love of mysticism, and the natural world.

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