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Immerse yourself in the beauty and significance of our Tourmaline Waterfall Ring. This piece showcases a cascade of tourmaline slices, each one blending vibrant, rich pinks, embodying nature's spirit and harmony.

Radiant Colors, Deep Significance: Tourmaline is a gemstone known for its balancing and healing properties. Its unique coloration symbolizes the unity of heart and mind, fostering calmness and joy for the wearer. This ring represents a source of positive energy and tranquility.

Elegant Waterfall Design: Designed to emulate a flowing waterfall, the arrangement of tourmaline slices offers a dynamic and captivating aesthetic. This design celebrates the stone's beauty while representing life's flowing energies, encouraging acceptance of change and personal growth.

Versatile and Meaningful: Perfect for any occasion, this ring transcends being merely a statement piece. It serves as a symbol of emotional balance and inner peace. Its striking color spectrum and meaningful design make it an ideal gift or a personal emblem of harmony and well-being.

Celebrate Nature and Harmony: Embrace the Tourmaline Waterfall Ring as a daily reminder of the joy and harmony inherent in nature, captured in the vibrant hues of tourmaline. Let this piece be a testament to the beauty of the earth and the balancing properties of this remarkable gemstone.


  • Ethically Sourced Tourmaline Stones
  • Stone height: 5 mm x 6 mm 
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Total Weight: 3 grams