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Unlock the earth's magic with our Malachite Bolo, a special family collaboration with Broken Horse Designs that merges traditional craftsmanship with our shared artistic vision. Crafted for the modern mystic, this enchanting piece draws inspiration from the heart of nature, embodying the spirit of the wild and the essence of earthly beauty.

Each malachite stone, celebrated for its deep green swirls reminiscent of the earth's vibrant life force, is carefully chosen for its unique charm and potent energy.

Meticulously hand-finished in sterling silver, the bolo features an intricate, adjustable lariat design on a genuine leather hand-woven cord. You can style it your way—close to your heart or cascading down for a touch of bohemian luxe.

Embrace your connection to the earth with this timeless piece, crafted from fine materials and infused with family artistry. At the heart of our design is a belief that true beauty is drawn from nature and designed for life's magical moments


  • Genuine Malachite Stone
  • Genuine Sterling Silver
  • Genuine Braided Leather Cord
  • Cord Length: 36 Inches
  • Stone Size: 17 mm x 48 mm 
  • Weight: 27