10 Summer Essentials You Need In Your Life Right Now

Written by: Daniela Covian



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10 Summer Essentials You Need


From beauty to jewelry, we have you covered in our Summer Essential Guide

1. Aquaphor Chapstick: First and foremost, summer essential. CHAPSTICK. I will never ever reach for another chapstick or lip balm again. My best friend, who works in the dermatology field, put me on to this, and it naturally plumped and hydrated my lips. It is a must-have, especially if you live in a dry, hot area like Moi.

2. ILIA - Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40: I should be sponsored by this brand because I've converted so many of my friends to this foundation. But it's literally THE best. I've been using this for about three years, and if you're human, you most likely have fine lines on your face. This stuff? MELTS into your skin, leaving it silky smooth without highlighting any "imperfections" on your complexion.

3. Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen: Three words. Non-greasy sunscreen. I'm not sure if "non" is a word, but you get what I mean. I love love LOVE this sunscreen, and it's the perfect travel size. I swear this container is a black hole or something because I've had this one for about a year, and I have yet to run out. 10/10.

4. The Medallion Toggle Necklace: This is one of our best sellers and one of my favorites. Usually, in the Summertime, I have a "go with the flow" method. So whenever plans arise last minute, and I need to throw something on, I always reach for this gal.

5. Dome Earrings: Summer, to me, always means effortless style. As I mentioned above, I love the Medallion Necklace and Dome Earrings combo when I need to grab something to be put together. It always makes me look like someone who has their shit together. Even when I'm feeling disheveled.

6. Hummingbird Signet Ring: I slip this on with the Medallion Necklace and Dome Earrings, and my look is donezo.

7. Atlas Of The Heart: This is the current book at the moment that I am reading. It's enlightening and reminds you to be aware of words and emotions. If that's something you are into.

8. Nécessaire The Body Oil: I'll admit. I'm a lazy gal. Applying lotion after the shower seems like such a chore to me, BUT I've recently discovered a hack to use body oil after you exfoliate in the shower. *mind blown.* This will leave you feeling like a dolphin (which is my fav animal, btw), and I have 0 complaints.

9. Dry Skin Body Brush: I know just said I am a lazy gal, but this is an *extra* step to make your skin look like a luscious luminous goddess sent from above. Use this before the shower brushing up to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, removing toxins, and increasing circulation and energy. It takes about 30 seconds to do in trade for the softest skin evaaa.

10. Cherry Magnesium Mocktail: If you're like me and still have weird cringe memories from the 3rd grade that pop into your head right before bed. Make this mocktail. Three simple ingredients with tart cherry juice (which has natural melatonin to help you zzzz), Magnesium powder, topped with a sugar-free lemon-lime sparkling water, and viola. Buenas Noches.

That's it for now! Let me know which products you try so we can gush about how amazing they are together. Ciao!

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