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Todos Santos is a charming town located on the Pacific coast of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, art galleries, and delicious cuisine, it has become a popular destination for travelers seeking an authentic Mexican experience. Here's a travel guide to help you make the most of your visit to Todos Santos:

1. Getting To Todos Santos:

By Air: The nearest major airport is Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), located about 50 miles south of Todos Santos. From the airport, you can rent a car, take a taxi, or use a shuttle service to reach the town.

By Car: If you're coming from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, you can rent a car and drive to Todos Santos on Highway 19, which runs along the Baja California Peninsula.

Todos Santos, Baja Mexico

2. Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Todos Santos is during the winter months (November to April) when the weather is pleasantly warm and dry. Summers (May to October) can be quite hot, but you can still enjoy the ocean breezes. Keep in mind that hurricane season typically falls between June and November.

3. Where to Stay:

Todos Santos offers a range of accommodation options, from boutique hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts. Consider staying in the historic downtown area or near the beaches for easy access to attractions. Some popular choices include Hotel California, Guaycura Boutique Hotel, and Posada La Poza. Our group stayed at this gorgeous Airbnb during my bachelorette weekend.

Casa Mila, Todos Santos, Baja California

4. Things to Do:

Explore the Town: Stroll through the quaint streets of Todos Santos and admire its colonial architecture, colorful buildings, and lovely gardens. Don't miss a visit to Nomad Chic for some unique shopping!

Hit the Beaches: Spend a day relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Todos Santos. Playa Los Cerritos is a favorite among surfers and beach lovers, while Playa La Pastora is more secluded and perfect for a peaceful escape. We booked a beach day to El Faro Beach Club where we were able to order ceviche, and margaritas and even booked beachside massages. It was incredibly relaxing, and the staff was attentive and polite.

Visit Art Galleries: Todos Santos is known as an artist's haven, so take the time to explore its numerous art galleries showcasing the works of local and international artists.

Discover the History: Learn about the town's history and culture at the Museum of the Mission of Santa Rosa, housed in a historic 18th-century building.

Whale Watching: If you visit between December and April, take a whale-watching tour off the coast to spot humpback and gray whales during their migration.

Surfing and Watersports: Todos Santos is a great spot for surfing and other watersports. You can find surf schools and rental shops for gear if you're a beginner or lack equipment.

Yoga and Wellness: The serene environment of Todos Santos makes it an excellent place to practice yoga and immerse yourself in wellness retreats.

Todos Santos Shopping

5. Food and Dining:

Todos Santos offers a variety of dining experiences, from traditional Mexican cuisine to international delights. Don't miss trying some of the region's signature dishes, such as fish tacos, ceviche, and chiles rellenos. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Explore the local restaurants and street food vendors to savor the authentic flavors of the region. My favorites from the trip are linked below.

Breakfast + Lunch:
-Taller 17
-La Esquina


-(pro tip: book a private chef to come to your Airbnb!)

6. Nightlife + Safety

While Todos Santos is not a party town like Cabo San Lucas, it does have a relaxed nightlife scene. You'll find bars and lounges where you can enjoy live music, sip on mezcal, and mingle with locals and fellow travelers.

Todos Santos is generally a safe destination, but like any place, it's essential to exercise common sense and take precautions. Keep your belongings secure and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

With its tranquil beaches, artistic charm, and vibrant culture, Todos Santos offers a unique experience that combines relaxation, exploration, and connection with nature. Enjoy your time in this beautiful Mexican town!

Travel to Todos Santos Baja California