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This pendant is expertly handcrafted using seashells, cultured freshwater pearls, 14K gold filled materials, and 100% silk. Each pendant is a journey, beginning with the careful selection of the finest seashells, chosen for their natural beauty and unique patterns.

These treasures from the sea are delicately shaped and polished to perfection, preserving their organic allure and whispering tales of the ocean. Next, we handpick cultured freshwater pearls, each one radiant with luster and elegance. These pearls are thoughtfully integrated into the design, enhancing the pendant's natural aesthetic and adding a touch of ethereal sophistication.

Every step in the creation of this pendant is an act of devotion and artistry, ensuring that each piece is as unique and beautiful as the person who wears it. Embrace the magic and let this pendant be your talisman, a symbol of the sea's timeless beauty and your own radiant spirit.

Summer jewelry collection is in collaboration with House of ZZ.


Length: 42 Inches

  • Pearl Drop: 2 inches
  • Shell Size: 2 inches
  • Natural Conch Shell
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • 100% Beige Silk Cord