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Introducing our Amazonite Necklace with Fish Charm – an enchanting accessory that brings the soothing energies of the sea to your ensemble. Crafted with genuine amazonite beads and adorned with a delightful fish charm, this necklace exudes coastal charm and tranquility. The soft hues of amazonite evoke the calming waters, while the fish charm adds a whimsical touch of oceanic beauty. Perfect for those who seek serenity and style, this necklace is a unique statement piece that pairs effortlessly with any outfit. Embrace the tranquil allure of the sea with our Amazonite Necklace with Fish Charm and let your inner ocean spirit shine.


  • 17 inches in total long 
  • 2-inch extension chain
  • Amazonite Beads
  • Ceramic Fish Charm
  • Gold Filled Chain
  • Nickle Free + Lead-Free