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"The Sun" Gold Tarot Card Necklace. Part of our Layering Collection! Created intentionally to layer over multiple necklaces for a full blinged-out look. 


The Sun is most associated with optimism, fulfillment, and the dawn that rises even after the darkest night. The Sun represents the freedom and exploration of new things. Radiant and beaming, it nurtures and gives the warmth and strength needed to create.

The Sun card will imbue you with the ability to self-actualize, be free, and be happy. New dawn arising, it may even symbolize a rebirth of some sort.

Necklace Materials

  • Material: 18k Gold Filled
  • Chain Thickness: Approx 1mm
  • Chain Length: 20 inches

Pendant Materials

  • Material: Copper, 14k Gold Filled
  • Size: 35mm x 20mm
  • Color: Gold
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia

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