24K Gold Filled Tarot Card "The Star" Pendant

Daniela Janette

24k Gold Filled Tarot Card "The Star" Pendant. Part of our Layering Collection! Created intentionally to layer over multiple necklaces for a full blinged-out look. 


Represents calm, serenity, destiny, hope, opportunity, and renewal.

The Star's presence represents a period of respite and renewal for you. This renewal may be spiritual, physical, or both. It is a positive sign if you or someone close is recovering from illness or injury. It is a light in the darkness, illuminating your future and your past.

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Material: 18k Gold Filled
Chain Thickness: Approx 1mm
Chain Length: 20 inches


Material: Copper, 14k Gold Filled
Size: 35mm x 20mm
Color: Gold
Stone: Cubic Zirconia