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Introducing our Freshwater Pearl and Charm Necklace, a captivating collaboration between Daniela Janette and the visionary minds at Good Psyche. Enhance your style while embodying the spirit of holistic well-being with this captivating piece.

At Good Psyche., beauty and wellness intertwine seamlessly, crafting natural remedies from medicinal plants and fungi to replace traditional vices. Their topical elixirs are designed to nurture you from the inside out, leaving you feeling radiant and revitalized.

Inspired by the harmonious blend of nature's bounty and spiritual energy, our Stay Curious Freshwater Pearl and Charm Necklace captures the essence of this ethos. Each freshwater pearl embodies purity and tranquility, accompanied by charming accents that evoke curiosity, a touch of whimsy, and grace.

This collaboration embodies the ethos of both brands—beauty with purpose, style with substance. Our Freshwater Pearl and Charm Necklace is a testament to adornment's artistry and holistic wellness's power.


  • Freshwater Pearls
  • 14k Gold Fill Charms
  • 14k Gold Fill Chain
  • Glass Charms
  • Approx 16 inches
  • 4-inch extender